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Who We Are

It all started when two Brazilian decided to come to Portugal, in 2016. Passionate about history, nature and photography, Ella Trip was  born out of a simple idea. We value quality and good service, always with the aim of sharing with those who visit us, the joy we feel from living in Portugal, the natural and historical-cultural beauties of that country.

Marina is tourism technician and tourist animator, biologist and master in Internal Medicine.

Cristiane is a systems analyst and developer, creator and administrator of the website and social media, amateur photographer.

Our team is prepared with great historical knowledge, good skills in driving vehicles whether they are: electric tricycles, cars or vans; and can give the best response to any requested service.

With the tourist growth in the main historic cities, the demand and the need to diversify the types of services and products also grows. Ella is prepared to show you the best of Portugal, so that your visit will be unforgettable. After all, as our motto says: More than tours, experiences for life.

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