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Enjoy the most your time in Portugal.

A proper planning of a trip can avoid headaches, wasted time and improve a better use of your days. Get a personalized itinerary according to your preferences and available time or ask us to review your own itinerary.


The questionnaire to be completed is at the bottom of the page. The trip planning will be sent by e-mail in PDF format, containing the most important spots and cities of Portugal that will be visited (and the necessary time for each region), suggestions for tours or must-see or important attractions, indication of at least 2 hotels, information about typical foods from each place.


If you need additional information about the script, you can request it free of charge, as long as it is once and within 15 days after sending the PDF.


IMPORTANT: Requests that involves changing the number of days in the itinerary, changing cities and scheduling, will be considered as a new travel consultancy and will be charged the equivalent amount.

If you choose some of our tours, the consultancy can be refunded in the form of a discount in the following proportions: Tuk-Tuk tour in Lisbon with 3 or more hours (discount on the value of 1 consulting day = 25 €). Each 1-day tour outside Lisbon (discount on the value of 1 consulting day = 25 €)

Price: 25€ per day for a group of up to 6 passengers. For groups from 7  people, please send message.

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